SANSSpace™ is a virtual learning management solution that provides a powerful way to engage with multimedia content, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Comparative recorder and player for video

Developed from Sony Virtuoso™ language lab software by SANS Inc in the USA, SANSSpace™ has a unique comparative recorder and player for video that allows teachers / trainers to book-mark any audio or video file with text, audio or video ‘e-post it notes’ and send the original video complete with the book marked notes to designated cohorts of students, students can then record over the original video or add their own book marks in text audio or video for teacher marking and assessment.

Manages and protects IP

SANSSpace™ also manages and protects IP; any video file in SANSSpace™ can only be accessed by designed users and cannot be downloaded outside of the programme into formats like Windows Media Player

Live video chat feature

SANSSpace™ also has a live video chat feature controlled by the teacher/ trainer, which allows for both remote tutorials to be conducted from place to place and importantly for those tutorials to recorded and interrogated back via the SANSSpace™ comparative recorder and player. The SANSSpace chat feature is one of the easiest and most effective online collaboration tools available today. It is supported by iPads, iPhones and android devices.

Accessible on any device

SANSSpace™ is accessible on any device (PCs Macs, android and IOS) and can be seamlessly linked and blended into any web site.


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